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Why is the Type-C interface big and thick?
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                     Why is the Type-C interface big and thick?

First, the insert end of Type C is actually the female head, while the insert end of fruit machine is the male head. The reason why you think the type C interface looks big is that its insert end is the female head and a sleeve, which should have certain reliability and robustness, so it should be thicker.zmkm-800_800 (24).jpg

Secondly, along with Type-C comes the specification of USB3.1. The most direct change of USB3.1 compared with USB3.0 is that the speed can reach 10Gbps. To achieve this speed, the first thing to be solved is the problem of shielding.1.jpg

All versions of the USB port, the outside of this case, the case is not only fixed, but also play the role of shielding. The faster the bus speed is, the higher the requirement for shielding will be. Therefore, layer after layer of shell outside type-C is mainly used to shield interference. Size and convenience are of secondary importance. The primary problem to be solved is to ensure the reliable transmission of 10Gbps signals without interference. In fact, it is not impossible to remove the shell outside, but the speed must be reduced, it is not clear how much, anyway, I saw in the USB2.0 era after the past to drop the shield connector, USB2.0 direct speed down to the LEVEL of USB1.1. You want to be fast, you want to be small, it's really hard, you have to sacrifice a little bit.

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