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What about one drag three braided data lines?
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Sub-products are slowly flooding into every corner of People's Daily life. In addition to improving people's sense of quality of life, there are also some things we are quite upset about together, such as data cables. And self - power cable factory production of a drag three braided data line. Whether the quality can be assured, and the application is strong, how is the data line? Let's take a look.

2.pngFor many customers of electronic product terminals, multiple data lines of different lengths are generally adopted and deposited in the same area, which is often the case. A drag and drop three-braided data line can deal with such problems to the extreme. The cable length of the self-power cable manufacturer is 1.5m, and the nylon braided material is selected, which is more durable and durable compared with the general data line and can greatly reduce the generation of winding condition

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