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Smic can carry the banner of saving Huawei!
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Smic can carry the banner of saving Huawei!

Ever since Huawei made a breakthrough in THE field of 5G, the United States has been trying every means to complete Huawei, which can be said to be full of tricks! This time proposed to cut off the supply of Huawei's chips, Huawei is now in a difficult situation!

Speaking of chips, the more powerful ones are ASML of the Netherlands, China Micro Semiconductor, Taiwan Semiconductor And SMIC.

ASML of the Netherlands is not a good partner due to the limitations of the Wassenaar Agreement.

In the field of photolithography machine research and development, China Micro Semiconductor has no advantage over any "small white" enterprises, so it has no choice but to announce that "there is no plan to develop photolithography machine".

TSMC was doomed by the FDI rules not to be a trustworthy OEM.

Therefore, the key for SMIC to set up Huawei to get out of trouble is that although the technology is backward, smIC has a hot "China heart". In particular, on May 15, the second Phase of The National Large Fund and the Second phase of the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Fund registered 2.25 billion US dollars for SMIC, so that SMIC has enough capital to develop and more capital to develop technologies.3.jpg

Just declared China's first semiconductor laser stealth wafer cutting machine, plus the Netherlands ASML lithography has been in the process of delivery, never break, now the domestic semiconductor device of the "gold window" is already open, can China's progress so fast, it also proves that the better, now is the era of economic globalization, also want to have a nature alone is impossible!

Let's wait and see the rise of Huawei in the world!

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