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Electronic wire rod testing
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In the 21st century, we cannot do without computers, so USB plug and play devices are particularly convenient and important. Now we can use wire testing machine, wire tester and other wire testing equipment to test its conduction, resistance, voltage, leakage current and so on!

USB, a wide range of applications and PC domain interface technology. The USB interface supports plug and play and hot - plug functions of the device. Universal Serial B is an abbreviation of Universal Serial B, which is a foreign bus standard used to regulate the connection and communication between computers and external devices.

Second, for ordinary users, the data rate is determined by the hard disk and THE OS, so there is no difference under normal use. For free, the higher the AWG, the better. Common types of cables :USB, HDMI, VGA, DVI.

1. Data cable: Use a USB port that is usually connected to the computer and a cable at the end of the mobile phone to download or upload files, ringtones, pictures, etc. If the mobile phone has a driver disk, you need to install the driver first.

2. Infrared: Refers to the fact that two mobile phones need to have infrared functions at the same time and can transfer files at the infrared interface.

3. Bluetooth: Bluetooth means short-range wireless transmission. It can search and transmit in a short range with a computer or mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth, or it can use bluetooth headset to talk wirelessly. Yutong Electronics main business: audio cable, cable, electronic cable, car audio cable, terminal cable, DVI cable, computer mouse cable, AC power cable, electrical cable, audio cable, USB cable.

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